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Standart Ghost In The Sheet - 2007 - Full - Oyun indir - Download - Yükle

Called a "dark afterlife comedy", Ghost in the Sheet casts players in the role of a ghost who's wrapped in a dirty old sheet and sent out on his first mission to discover why a haunted factory called "Sector Omega" was forced to stop operations. Being a specter, your talents are paranormal rather than physical, and in order to discover the factory's hidden secrets, you'll need to develop your supernatural skills. The point-and-click adventure will start players off with a basic "Telekinesis" ability, but more will be introduced as you progress, including obsure skills like "Scary Sound".

Along with its unique premise, Ghost in the Sheet promises to feature high resolution graphics, largely non-linear gameplay that lets you freely explore and solve puzzles in different order, comic-style cutscenes, and various minigames. For those concerned about the latter, CBE offers the assurance that there is no dying (what with being dead already) or timed sequences in the game.

İşletim Sistemi : Windows Xp,2000,95
İşlemci : İntel 1.2 ghz İşlemci veya AMD 1200
RAM : 256 mb ram
Ekran Kartı : 64 or 128 mb ekran kartı

Link Kodu:
OYUN0469.rar download for free on file share letitbit.net

Link Kodu:
??????? ???? OYUN0469.rar (217,00 ??) | Turbobit.net
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